Letter from Joy

Note from ILTA interim ceo

A Personal Look at the 13th INSIGHT Event

by Joy Heath Rush

I had the privilege of attending ILTA's 13th INSIGHT event in London this November.

This event is near and dear to my heart, as one of my favourite ILTA volunteer experiences was serving on the organizing committee for the inaugural INSIGHT event. That effort launched so many wonderful friendships for me (you know who you are!).

The 2018 iteration of INSIGHT was full of energy, ideas, and peer networking. And so many insights (pun fully intended) that my Twitter fingers were worn out from sharing.

A few highlights from the sessions I attended were: 

- “TNT” – tiny noticeable things. Taken together can be explosive. My takeaway: change can be both iterative and impactful.

From the session, "Getting to the Root of Business Problems - How Technology Misses the Point"

- “No-error” culture in many legal organizations. Thanks to Mary Mackintosh, GC of Gowling WLG (UK) LLP. We often speak about lawyers being risk averse. However, a subtle difference is that lawyers are error-averse. In the legal profession, a single error (a wrong number, for example, or a missed patent filing) can have enormous consequences.

From the Keynote, "Crossing Intersections - Dramatic Shifts in Legal Services and Leading Innovation"

- Skill requirements are changing in IT. Cloud, managed services, Office 365. All of these are making us rethink the technical skills we have traditionally cultivated, forcing us to consider what skills we need in our organizations going forward.

Thank you

A huge thanks to the speakers who provided content, the business sponsors who provided support and technical information, to the ILTA staff who managed the logistics, and the delegates who shared so willingly and generated tremendous energy.

Is it really 11 months until the next INSIGHT??

Happy 2019, everyone!

Joy Heath Rush
Interim CEO

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